PM & Operations

ATLC provides design services and feasibility studies of the TLC-ICT components or infrastructures for projects, implementations, developments and tender notices in the areas of: Telecom Operators, Transportation, Oil&Gas, Industry & Utilities.
The acquired experience in these business contexts so much different, allows ATLC to identify and optimize solutions to offer to its customers, with criteria for analysis and selection of possible technologies/products.
The process by which ATLC carries out its daily activities is structured as an initial identification of the needs and objectives of clients, up to the definition and implementation of optimal solutions, using the most suitable, reliable, high-performance and technologically advanced and ensuring the best cost/benefit ratio.
The design criteria used and the ability to identify and propose the best solutions to its customers are based on the great experience of ATLC gained in National and International contexts, for complex projects involving environmental and working conditions not usual.

Detail Design & FEED

ATLC cooperates with world’s leading manufacturers and EPCs in the areas of Transportation, Oil&Gas, Industry & Utilities, for realizing:
  • Preliminary feasibility studies, design, choice of technologies and solutions needed, FEED (Front End Engineering Design)
  • Detail design
  • Project Management
for implementing new projects on a large scale facilities (production, extraction, industrial, etc.) in which the TLC components constitute one of the supporting elements.
The experience in designing and delivering TLC advanced & complex solutions is the basic and the distinction value, with which ATLC is able to provide its Customers with the proper added value.
This is necessary to advise, guide and help in the technological choices, to define the objectives, the features and services that make up all the key information that will flow in the technical documents that describe the requirements and the targets characterizing the projects.

Radio Planning

ATLC has a long experience with using simulation and planning tools for the radio coverage feasibility study (backbone links, point-to-point, backhauling, access networks) for all major wireless architectures and technologies (GSM, GSM-R, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, LTE, TETRA, UHF, VHF, WLLL, HyperLAN, WiMax and WiFi) used to build wireless networks for Telecom Carriers and private/military scopes.
In particular, ATLC has carried out studies and projects of the following radio technologies:
  • GSM-R, TETRA, VHF, PMR → railway projects ERTMS/ETCS
  • UMTS, LTE, WiMax, HyperLAN → Telecoms Operators
  • HyperLAN, WiMax, WiFi → projects for Transportation (Metro, Tramway), Plants (Oil&Gas, Industry & Utilities)
  • TETRA, UHF, VHF, Radar, VSAT → projects for Pipelines, Wells, Offshore platforms (Oil&Gas)

Acoustic Design & Simulation

Projects for Industrial Facilities and Refineries in the sectors of Oil&Gas, Industry & Utilities, often require “safety” systems that provide alerts to personnel working in these areas such as PA/GA (Public Address and General Alarm) systems.
These audio systems are required by International regulations and thus the design of such systems requires the application of specific rules and simulation methods, sizing and technical equipment that need to be defined and verified before installing them.
For these reasons it is important to use adequate tools performing accurate mathematical algorithms for the study and engineering of these systems/solutions.
Therefore ATLC uses a software for simulating and analyzing the acoustic propagation in these environments, so strongly influenced by factors that hinder, reflect or generate other phenomena that would alter the conditions under which any notification sound and alarm messages can reach promptly and unequivocally all personnel in these areas.

Engineering experience and Telecommunications services

Experience and capacity at all times. Customer satisfaction is our goal.