ATLC collaborates with several National and International TLC Operators in the implementation of special projects, field-trials of new technologies, evolution of existing networks, fixed & mobile-radio networks assessment.
Particularly, ATLC collaborates with the design, construction & performance tests of backbones and access networks using wireline technologies, optical and xDSL, as well as wireless technologies to implement radio coverage, backhauling and meshed networks using point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave links.

Fixed Telecom Operators

ATLC collaborates with fixed networks Telecom Operators to realize the design, expansion and technological upgrading of networks, field-trial, inventory management and network assessment.
In particular, ATLC performs the following activities:
  • Integration between Transport and Access networks
  • Design of backbone (long-haul) with fiber optic transmission networks
  • Solutions and implementation of unbundled access networks and wireless
  • FTTx networks design with GPON & EPON technology
  • Design and engineering support for the creation of PoP (Point of Presence) sites
  • Design of wireless networks (radio links)
  • Feasibility studies and planning activities

Mobile Telecom Operators

ATLC cooperates with Telecom Operators of Mobile-Radio Networks principally making activities of Radio planning, link budget, model calibration, coverage measurements on-field and rollout planning, performing also the following activities:
  • Integration between Transport and Access networks
  • Design of backbone and backhauling transmission networks with fiber optic
  • Site engineering for realizing PoP (Point of Presence) and radio sites
  • Network inventory & provisioning
  • Feasibility studies and planning activities
  • Analysis of radio interference and signal levels on-field

Telecom Equipment Manufacturers

ATLC cooperates with international leading Telecom equipment manufacturers, for designing, implementing projects, testing of solutions and services in trial at fixed and mobile Telecom Operators, or projects in the sectors of Transportation, Oil&Gas, Industry & Utilities.
In particular ATLC collaborates in the implementation of Enterprise VoIP solutions for distributed systems integration, LAN/WAN networks using FTTx/DWDM/SDH/IP-MPLS technologies.

Engineering experience and Telecommunications services

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