Oil & Gas

ATLC participates in several Engineering activities including the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) and the Detail Design development during the preparation phase of the TLC functional requirements or the technical documentation in response to international tender notices or projects.
ATLC cooperates as technology partner for implementing TLC-ICT projects of telecommunications networks or solutions that must be integrated within industrial facilities of Oil&Gas sector, mining, transport and any other kind of processing industry, onshore and offshore platforms.


ATLC designs and implements telecommunications solutions for installations and platforms offshore, which include:
  • Analysis and design of microwave links and submarine fiber-optic cables between the offshore sites and the onshore installations
  • Voice systems (VoIP & IP-PBX)
  • PA/GA and Video-surveillance for ATEX areas (ATmosphères and Explosives)
  • VSAT systems and info-entertainment
  • Fire and Gas systems
  • Intrusion detection & access control systems
  • Marine radar systems, radio-beacon, telemetry, meteorological monitoring systems


ATLC provides design and implements TLC solutions for pipelines which include:
  • Analysis and design of fiber optic backbones and point-to-point microwave links along the pipeline routes, radio coverage (wells) with radio systems (PMR Analog HF / VHF / UHF Digital and DMR / TETRA) and VSAT
  • Video surveillance systems, Access Control & Intrusion Detection systems, control systems for active and passive defense of the pipeline and perimeter areas.

The solutions designed and built by ATLC are operating in some countries of North Africa and the Middle East, managing and monitoring Oil&Gas and “water” pipelines.


ATLC designs and implements TLC and Security solutions for refining plants, storage and regasification facilities (LNG), in which the aspects of videosurveillance, processing information data-gathering, Fire&Gas systems, Intrusion Detection and Access Control Systems requiring proven and advanced solutions, reliable and operable in ATEX environments.
For these types of realizations, ATLC also produces accurate studies of radio coverage for wireless systems (TETRA) and Acoustic Propagation systems for PA/GA, using simulation and analysis tools, some of which have been developed directly by ATLC.

Engineering experience and Telecommunications services

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