Energy & Utilities

ATLC designs and realizes networks and telecommunications solutions for facilities and processing industries, with particular attention to the aspects of surveillance, intrusion detection and access control monitoring, transport network for control systems and process monitoring (SCADA).
The implemented solutions consist of distributed TLC-ICT infrastructure through LANs that use fiber optic links and WiFi radio coverage, designed and customized to meet the unique characteristics of these industrial environments.
ATLC analyzes and develops projects focused to the following sub-systems:
  • Backbone networks and local subnets using optical, wireline and wireless technologies
  • Surveillance and security systems (CCTV , ACS, IDS)
  • Fire & Gas systems
  • Wireless solutions for remote control, telemetry and SCADA systems
  • Solutions for tracking fleets of vehicles and personnel on-land
  • Feasibility studies and technological adaptations to the international standards and new technologies for existing telecommunications systems (upgrading of infrastructure)
  • Smart grid system design